I am a Lifestyle Photographer,
based in Cape Town, South Africa. I enjoy capturing poolside antics & seaside adventures. Occasionally, I will be found exploring in the great outdoors with a muse. I'd like to think I have a snapshot aesthetic but I'm sure it runs away from me sometimes.




Racquet Studio Presents, Aubrey Ndiweni's

"Life Is Colour"

(2017 Body of Work).


"Apetownshenanigans is the alias of Aubrey Ndiweni, a Cape Town photographer who has a uniquely vibrant colour palette and knack for just ‘making things work’. Shooting on a variety of lm formats,

most of which is 35mmfilm, Aubrey delivers a kaleidescope of authenticity with every image he produces. His mixture of overtly staged, near-comical portrayals of the human form dance harmoniously with his somewhat candid work, which showcases the alternate eclipse of his oeuvre.

Though it’s the culmination of everything the Apetownshenanigan’s persona produces that makes him the next breakthrough
artist. His versatility in both his portraiture and landscape work is a foundation set

and hardened by an apparently relentless work ethic, which sees Aubrey produce new, timeless glimpses into his life every other week. Following him is more than just living vicariously through him, as his photos somehow hold a persona long forgotten, as if they were someone you once knew.

It’s not until you truly follow Aubrey and his lighthearted approach to his craft and the magic that comes from it that one can truly understand his talent as a photographer. “Life is Colour” is Racquet Studio’s very best attempt at conveying one of the fastest rising young photo talents in the world today, and a pinhole view into the future of truly breathtaking film photography. " Sam Attwood


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